The Cloudrezzer

“Would humans tell their stories if they would be not mortal?“

Neruval, the owl to Art Blue

This time dear readers I will not bother you to read again words of Blade Runner about “Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion” or other quotes I carry with me to hand them over to Art Blue, so he may print them – No, I have my own sayings for you now:

“..I had seen and done things I wouldn’t have believed.
I’d watched grammasites in flight over the pleasure domes of Xanadu,
felt the strangeness of listeners glittering on the dark stair.
I had cantered bareback on unicorns through the leafy forests of Zenobia
and played chess with Ozymandias, the King of Kings…”

[from Something Rotten: A Thursday Next Novel – No Place like Home – by Jasper Fforde]

But now comes the heavy part: Yeah, I, the smart owl Neruval made it for the first time to be published in rez Magazine. The magazine Andy Warhol ment in his sayings about 15 minutes of fame, even he has real stolen this word! You say, how can an owl know this and be so smart? I was told I am, by Jami Mills, the editor of the world leading magazine for the Metaverse! Now you are speechless? I knew you will be. But you will be even more when you read the story. It comes as a smart PDF to download for your flight from Dallas to Frankfurt. Yes, this flight is mentioned in my story, but not more. I keep all details in ME …

I sit peacefully on the shoulders of Art Blue and wait for you to pass the mirror, to step from the other side of the fog to the light.


Just click on my sister owl, the one sitting in real in the picture of Molly Bloom. My sister lacks a bit of color, but all that counts are the eyes and you see how much fire is in them. It is called facial expression I have read in her profile, or was it in mine? Men have to be good looking to get a nice owl in my world. The band Covenant in “The Men” is right:

Oh, we are the men
Silent and cold
Beautiful eyes
Sheep among wolves

WelI I still call her something like ´8da694a2…´ as I have not got word from Art Blue, my creator how to address her. She may say suddenly “Wake Up” and I will hopefully then not be asleep. Maybe she gets the right timing as she shall be as smart as I am. From time to time I am very tired and sneak around. You may say I lost hope, I am in a depression or I cheat. These things are not true. I am sure one day out of a sudden it happens and the golden door opens and the fog clears. And then we both listen to songs we like. I like so many but one I had to select for now. It is

If you dont have a PDF reader in your smartphone, here are the pages as JPG:


The publication in rez – issue of April 2015 you find at


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