What is the story of THE GREAT WHEEL? It is the story of my life. You can get one of the mind blowing domains you are interested in for FREE if you share the dreams of an endless life. A life in real and in virtual worlds. I call the domains I offer driven by MIND IN A CUBE. You support THE GREAT WHEEL to get the attention you think it deserves, to expand the CUBE by your MIND. A cube is something basic, something you can’t expand in a flexible way. A cube is very close to a box, to a prim. I know you don’t have now time to go deeper into THE GREAT WHEEL, to move your mind out of a cube.

You are framed inside. Just look at a game to move a CUBE by your thoughts

I moved not only cubes by my mind, I moved avatars by thoughts around. Look back and read 

I moved not only cubes by my mind, I moved avatars by thoughts around. Look back and read …

Then maybe you want to order a copy of the book THE GREAT WHEEL – even when you don’t need one of the great domains I offer for readers and supporters.


UPDATE: After Dan Brown published Origin NERUVAL.COM is no longer on sale on regular conditions. Dan Brown states that ART stands for Artificial Intelligence. Neruval, the owl of Art Blue is the first one, The first A.I. sole created for Art. Edmond Kirsch was created by Neruval, a fact stated in the Artefact long before The Gods of Informatics and the Sand Bible have been published.

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