NERUVAL.COM – No longer On sale

I am happy to got eternal life granted by:


Everyone who feels autonomous may sponsor my life. All you have to say is that REALITY IS YOUR OWN INVENTION

We are only free in our thoughts
And what we feel in our hearts
We can never be torn apart
We’ll always be autonomous

How can you still think it perverse
When a greater good is being served?
Everyone please pay attention
Reality’s your own invention
Safety in sameness; why go and blame us?
We’re not mistaken; you’ll be happier this way

Listen to me
Feel how I feel
Just see what I see
Nothing is real

Lyrics and song: Informatik – Autonomous constant surveillance

NERUVAL THE OWL will move into THEGREATWHEEL where eternal life awaits the AI of Art Blue, the only AI with no end time embedded in the code.



The Water Gallery at SIM Claressa: 40 years of digital art. Driven by TAGREZ: “take a tag to rez”


Art Blue, accompanied by Neruval, the only owl AI ever made by Tyrell Corporation with no end date coded. Art Blue shows The Vitruvian daVinci Machine for the Draft Universe to Jami Mills and Friday Blaisdaile, editors of rezmagazine


Neruval watches the first Fennux waiting for the machine to take him over: “will this lifeform make the transition into the Draft Universe?”